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About us

Ties That Bind Publishing is a family-owned and operated publishing agency. Husband and wife, William and LaTia had always talked about their dreams of writing stories. Initially, about their own adventurous lives; and with the arrival of their son in 2017, the dreams grew! With LaTia’s love for reading, writing & poetry, William’s uncanny storytelling & their son CJ’s comedic and charismatic personality, they knew it was a must to make their dreams a reality.

But life, as life sometimes does, did not allow the time or space to bring their visions to fruition when they initially hoped to do so.


However, in 2020, when William and LaTia stumbled upon a 2016 statistic regarding “illiteracy in America,” the spark was reignited. At that time, in 2016, approximately 32 million adults in America were considered to be “illiterate,” which meant about 14% of the entire adult population couldn’t read. They knew, it was very important for them to do their part to help combat illiteracy. It is also important for them to create stories and content together that depict the Black family positively, and highlight their community.

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They want to ensure that their son has stories that represent and uplift him as a child of color, and other children of color in a positive manner. Education & knowledge is also key, they wanted to make sure that he learns from the stories along the way! And, of equal importance, one that’s not often spoken of out loud, was the ability to create passive income and generational wealth for their family.

So here we are, Ties That Bind Publishing…..and, here you are! We’re so happy you’ve decided to join us on this journey and sincerely hope that you stay with us for the ride!

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