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A Nod to an Old Hello....

*Ties That Bind Publishing…Author’s Corner*

A Much Needed Throwback....January 14, 2021

Good day, and welcome! It’s so fitting that this day is the first submission to the author’s corner, and I’ll tell you why in a second 😊. I should probably introduce myself first….my name is LaTia; but you can call me Tia. I am the co-owner/operator of Ties That Bind Publishing, LLC. I hope you read a little about us in the “About Us” section of our webpage. In addition to that, I’m a published author! *You can definitely take a moment to celebrate that with me!* Full transparency, my first published works became live just yesterday (January 13, 2021); but, I’ve been a creative all of my life.

I won’t keep you here long, I just wanted to share that in addition to yesterday’s amazing happenings, and, my family and I being able to get our publishing company up and running; during a pandemic, while intentionally involved in our careers (the day jobs, LOL), being co-captains of an intergenerational household (that’s a story for another day), and parenting the most AMAZING and ENERGETIC almost 4-year-old son ever, this accomplishment was a glorious feat! And, to top it off, today is Mr. TTBP & my anniversary! So, I had to write this today.

We have been a couple for 18 years (a whole voting adult, LOL!), and married for 12 years (a whole pre-teen)! The creation of our name was very intentional. I want to say this publicly (YAYYYYYY #BlackLove) because our Love isn’t often celebrated the way it should be, and we’re hoping to change that through some of the content we create. I also want to tell my dear husband that I appreciate him more than I say and probably show (consistently working on being better about this). I love him beyond words, and appreciate him showing up for me in ways that only he can <3!

Thank you all for allowing me to celebrate us today! I’m hoping to hear from you about the types of things you’d like to see here in the author’s corner. Until that time, Cheers to you!



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